Saturday, September 24, 2011

dreamy eyes

dreamy dreamy are my eyes,
these days are so divine,
no more tired, gloomy at heart,
now its rise and shine!!

you may be moody, 
or the surrounding make you so..
but then there are those moments,
which will make you smile.

why worry if its just a part,
and a lot more lies unseen,
why despair, or be elated,
and wish things will always your ways!!

so I am dreamy, 
optimism shows in my heart,
not a joy but am hoping,
a beautiful day would arrive.

thoughts pouring in my mind,
and philosophy shaping up,
small parts and some times,
are just patching up!!

its nothing of sort,
it need not to be,
feel this thing at heart,
and live as you want to be.....

dreamy in my mind,
asking for a logic,
but all I could find,
an intuition at stronger side!!

its not about reasoning,
but taking you at better side,
lighter and softer inside,
living in our good moments.

So I resign now,
letting myself, a little more of inspiring,
the feel....the goodness in the air,
and dreaming some more.....
in my dreamy dreamy eyes!!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nice. Why worry, be happy, for everything will be alright, be the way we want it.

Being jovial at heart reminds me of a song
I'm so childish, a little bit wildish
With my rumdiddlyumdiddlyumdiddly, I'm so deep

~D. Rice

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Templeton's fury said...

i am feeling this today!

Obscure Perceiver said...

an optimistic voice arises after many hardships and downpour.

Live on the dreams.