Saturday, October 8, 2011

Once again

to be right, know the way,
but still be so wrong,
to express the right way,
to reach to the point...
but get failed!

it easy to say,
not a way to convey,
but to be reasonable,
yet be blamed to be insensitive....
to be ignored!

Is it not having faith,
or the pain being too much,
where the love is lacking,
overpowered by worries....
to be rejected!!

but its just this moment,
time will pass by,
relation will start again, afresh,
revitalized, with the feeling...
to be loved!!

yes, I will not be sad,
not to take the stress,
patience...I have, will wait,
to make you understand......
to be together!!

in sorrow and happiness,
to be loved, once again.. :)

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