Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a thought

The river that flowed...
time that goes on,
the past, present, the future,
walking by the side,
I had discovered.

The rays of sun fell,
showing the colors within,
be it dark or bright,
watching through it,
I had enjoyed.

The tree that stands,
the branches with the leaves,
fruits and flowers of life,
looking at that selfless thing,
I  had rested.

The wet sand, and the pebbles,
cold wind as it grazed my face,
the memories revealed,
thinking all of it,
I had relaxed.

Its an assessment,
or just a bit strained,
the things at hand, 
getting a way out of it,
I had planned.

So those organisms living along,
the birds above, the insects below,
and I saw all as I had known,
but to be blind, passing by,
had I forgotten to realize?

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