Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As the year is moving way,
out of frame, dreams at bay,
and new hopes coming along,
comes the future so young.

we had exprienced till,
and it taught us still,
but we will change,
to keep ourself in range.

there were time for joy,
and things which gave us woe,
but the tide will soon be gone,
as our faith in our heart is on.

feeling, emotions will be there,
and celebration are to share,
pain, fear and sadness of past,
couldn't be forgetten in a haste.

will not regret the year of past,
and with blessings of the one,
friends and family being there,
all the people we much care.

forget the grudge and the worries,
not fear or be sorry,
the way ahead will bring you cheer,
and my friends...A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I also want to say one thing to you....
go on believing until you don't have a reason not to...
and it will take you to the path you always want to.....
A very very worthy....HAPPY NEW YEAR

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