Saturday, January 3, 2009


Its like a morning dew,
freshness of nature we sew,
to look at a child's piercing eye,
showing the beauty of Innocence.

we all have some space,
a thought or some trace,
not to forget the thing of past,
keeping the treasure of innocence.

so, whats innocence, or this emotion,
with some sense, making heart in motion,
but whatever it is, it does,
ring a bell in our mind of course.

so, defining it as a whole,
just searcing through the soul,
got the answer with some way,
giving some time, for it may.

watch the child's play,
or the farmers on the field,
or some animal staring at you,
with its big cute eyes.

watch the music on the play,
or the comedies accidentally made,
to walk the beach around the sea,
and to move in zoo or park be said.

what the point is 'those time',
you are away from work mime,
to spend some time for what you are,
and searching yourself in nature around.

these days of innocence,
you get from those small moments,
just as a viewer in this land,
you will observe what you are wanting,
those small bit of innocence.

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