Friday, January 16, 2009

Whats in I.Q test

It was a lovely morning,
with cool breeze flowing,
holding a cup of tea,
looking from the window.

well, its not the wind,
nor the scenery outside I care,
but my net being slow,
for a I.Q test to share.

not were the questions asked,
nor the time taken ,
the thing taking my patience,
being the delay of result marked.

hoping of something good,
and waiting for the same,
only to get a bit high,
is only my part of the game.

but the delay as forced,
allowed me to think,
why am I here sitting,
I.Q is not a matter of blink.

I know myself better,
and also whats my ability,
from the early years,
learned for my own stability.

a test is not a decider,
for its prone to defects,
with it I closed the matter,
of checking my intellect.

whatever you practically learn,
or to observe and know around,
is the only thing you ever want....
you have your mind intact,
whats in a I.Q test.

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