Monday, January 12, 2009

I love music

Its through my heart,
yes, it touches my soul,
it really make me thick,
soothing, smooth as it is...
yes, I love those music.

with so different choices,
frequency and intensity so many,
why some make me weak,
with no causes of any.

so diverse are the cultures,
making them so differently,
nevertheless the choosen one,
put in our mind tally.

yes, the choosen one,
taking us to different zones,
with emotions feeling through,
new thoughts being shown.

may be its just human nature,
or some mind game playin,
but it make flutters in heart,
never mind what be sayin.

forget the time you have,
being stressed or in worry,
a sprinke of your favourate,
make you cheerful, not be sorry.

Thats what I want to say,
for yours or mine,
whatever we be or our thoughts,
we do agree to a point,
this help us to connect our soul,
yes, thats why, I love music.

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