Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ever think in your mind,
why are the only kind,
ever developing and superior,
with other living being on fear.

if we have been in rise,
from primates as surprise,
how could we have sustained,
from such disasters to be pained.

for we thought so widely,
with new ideas on our bay,
and stepwise got to top,
innovation and imagination as a hop.

surviving the scare of the wild,
getting social from group life.
security and exprience becoming a tool,
disciplined with freeness as a rule.

organised and disciplined being,
we had chance to think,
with new ways to search,
making life easy to live.

broadness of mind was the keys,
and clarity of thoughts to see,
we percieved the world as it was,
and utilised it for what it has.

alas! now see this world,
narrowness filling through its heart,
and killing a game,weapon may be,
becomes a issue all the time.

we had reached where we belong,
but sooner or later we get that deserves,
greatness or a fall..we will witness,
for our deeds are made by us,
after all....ITS OUR THOUGHT.

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