Saturday, November 29, 2008


We won is all they saying,
with news showing off the victory,
and with it goes down slowly,
the victim's silent tears.

The war was there,
and game of passion playing,
each side with its aim,
moves towards their destiny.

They don't fear as they go,
forgetting their friends and family,
some in good side and some bad,
but are both being on right side??

Its only the matter of perspective,
that revolves around the human society,
as the lose is always the one,
the one for the cause of humanity.

Then why will they fight,
chant the victory songs,
one will go then other comes,
moving with the dynamics of life.

The victory doesn't matter,
nor the life of innocents,
only the ego and hatred prevails,
supporting the heads with false pride.

What can one do for the cause,
stopping this rush of madness,
can we just stop and hope,
for the end of this we worry.

Its no use and its the fact,
life will go on as it is,
what will we do fight or die,
but to take some side.

Whatever we do and say,
it matters just a trifle,
for the world is big and,
people have a different mind.

The wants will always remain,
and will the hunger for pride,
with it the free people,
will suffer of this country,

We will just take sides,
the side we have the faith with,
and we the citizens of country,
will sing victory songs, the songs.....
In the background of the silent tears.

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