Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I walk on this road,
this road of life,
and wonder why and what,
cause us to be here.

Is this the lovely villages,
or this city life...
the love for my life,
or the love of relations.

Is this love for this world,
filled with vast resources,
with curosity and dreams,
aspiration of all kind.

So what it is,
that we all explore,
with our uncertain mind,
only hope and faith in us.

Yes, I ask this to me,
and the only answer I get...
explore and explore...
you have all the time with u.

Things you will find,
things you will not,
never matters much if,
you live your life to fullest.

If you are here,
living a good life,
then why brood and be sad,
move on and explore.

For your destiny is in hands,
and you have the chance,
take it and move on,
enjoy your life to fullest.

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