Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Its the music of my heart,
yes this is the one...
calling me, asking me,
through the thought of my own.

"I was always here,
as I was with you...
knowing every deeds of urs,
and every things you ever wanted to do".

I thought, it was just a dream,
a bit a weird seems,
with it I stopped wondering,
what it wanted to convey me.

May be I was wrong,
though it could be right,
showing what it is...
to be having a thoughtful soul.

But I was busy,
doing my wordly things,
as I have many works to be done,
no time to be alone.

What I missed then,
could never had been regained,
but its my soul, my thought,
and I got another chance.

So, never friend, never in life,
do so much work, busy in world,
that you may forget yourself or,
the music of your heart.

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