Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Its the small beginning,
a start to be said...
and with it comes,
a new player on the stage.

He is adored and pampered,
and given all it needs,
and with it given,
knowledge to be paid heed.

Yes curious is the beginning,
as the player is allowed to set,
but its his own ability,
which will make his demand be met.

So starts the journey,
the way to its destination,
and whether right or wrong,
the player is allowed to act.

Everyone is responsible for there act,
as the player was for his,
and its the matter of time,
if he get the destiny to seize.

He didn't brood or sat,
and played his part well,
to get his share of happiness,
for which,he had to toil.

this is not the story of a player,
but a simple wisdom going generation,
you are not here to be a audience,
life is a game, play it.

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