Thursday, December 24, 2009

life has so much to give!!

Take time to live,
life has so much to give!!

Running all days,
sleeping so little,
it's all about race,
we want to win!!

Why look at sides,
if we falter in our line,
days come and goes,
memories only grows,

Some regrets or recall,
why not give life a call,
don't be monotonous,
get refreshed....relax!!

Look at world..there so much,
revitalise your senses,
explore, experience, observe
just open the fences!!

Its the desire of freedom,
everyone feels, never says,
friends, families and oneself
it's where your happiness lays!!

Don't ignore, or run,
take out some time...for fun,
take time to live,
life has so much to give!!


Jayanta Deka said...

nice one... although verses doesn't appeal much to me, but I liked it. There is the element of simplicity and that counts...
I will come back again..

Devanshi said...

take time to live,
life has so much to give!!
nice lines...

what is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare!!!!:)

would like to say rhyming could make it more appealing...

Vinayak said...

i agree with ya
great poem

Anshul said...

nice poem.. we have forgotten to live life.. we have made it a rat race.. one day r life will flash b4 r eyes.. we should make it worth watching