Friday, August 7, 2009

I asked the wind...

I asked the wind....
where are you going,
where have you been,
with so much people wanting you,
how could you be so mean?

I asked the wind,
where goes your freshness,
the wetness of a dew,
the charm of the nature,
and the tranquility of sheer being?

I had waited for you,
forgetting how you were,
how I felt when you visited,
those were the moments I cherished...
but they were now nowhere to be seen!!!

to this, the wind replied,
to explain the reason inside,
and making me lament in sorrow,
the cause for the change,
making me sorry all the same.

"it was never me who changed,
nor I wanted to deprive me,
from the company of yours,
how I wish I could stop,
still hoping you all could change"

" It was not me who deforested,
nor me who was on war,
nor feeling myself with poisonous fumes,
or the industries and all vehicles.....
it was never me who wanted all this."

"In the man's fear for men,
in the quest for riches n fame,
in the exploit of his own environment,
it was never been was never been me,
who wanted to leave the very home it always belongs"

"yes, the time has changed,
so do I without my wish,
I could do nothing as its your fate,
I will move with all you had given me,
and now blaming me for not coming???"

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