Thursday, July 4, 2013


They have a happy life,
full with those cheery vibe,
success in every state,
never a single wait,
rewards in single try,
not a reason to cry,
I saw those lucky things...
safe on the angel wings !!

Jealous I was...
or thought of envy?

Living their days in merry,
enjoying with friends n family,
just some pleasure trips,
with those euphoric sleeps...
they have it all,
still craving for more,
seen those greed,
and the sensual needs...

Loathed..I had,
or a hint of envy?

Driving together in bike,
a closeness in between,
warm hugs and kisses,
fulfilling all the wishes.....
to party, or some fun,
worries, they have none,
chance to utilize their age,
nothing to regret in coming days....

Admired...I could,
but a sense of envy.

Sometimes conscience,
but wasn't a innate design,
to desire and aspire,
choose to compete...if it so,
to be equal or exceed,
get everything we need,
till then, it comes in a while,
small our smile :)

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