Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A mystery guy Part 3

Continuing the story...

"Next, my life in Dehradun but before that I want to know how was your time as a kid ? " 

My life, I was surprised ....I am in the middle of an exciting story, waiting to get more of him, his life in Dehradun. Why would I want to delay it by sharing my story here...

" I don't have much to speak of, why would you want to know? "

" Well, I am sharing you mine, wouldn't I have the privilege to know something about my savior." he smiled.

He seemed to be relaxed. It might be because he was telling about his life, living those moments, sharing them with me...that brought such welcome change in him. I was apprehensive to comply to his demands but then, to keep this short exchange of our time a bit fair , I agreed. 
" Alright, if it suits you then listen....though it would be bit boring for you." I answered.

" My name is Priya..I am here for a college picnic. I actually belong to Delhi. Most of my childhood I had spent in Delhi only. What I really remember are the times I had with my Grandpa and Grandma. They always took my sides, gave me treats, and told stories too. Mom and Dad were cool but a bit busy then. I had friends, a lot of them and we used to create havoc in our colony. Apart from studies, much of our kid days were only play and picnics. I had a best friend too....though their family left and we lost touch. Her name was Sweety....and she lived up to her name, having such a sweet nature.Let me tell you an incidence,

We had been playing at the garden one day, Sweety came with her favourate doll and asked me to play with her. You know those games we girls play in childhood, to comb hair, change dresses of doll, make stories and all. 
" My princess is the most beautiful doll in the world. look at her eyes, she looks so happy,now let mumma make your hair straight" said she, while combing her hair.

"I will change her dress, what should she wear today, the blue or the pink one? " I joined in.

" I think pink will be better, she would look like a princess in it" She answered, giving a affirmative look on the pink one and beamed.

I took the doll from her and was putting the dress on her, but someone called me from behind. I turned but accidentally shift the doll near the cactus tree...the dress tore and their were scratches on it's arm. I too got some scratches which started to bleed. When I realized what I had done, I dreaded how Sweety would react.
At first she was shocked but then she took the doll away as I expected but rather than getting angry, she comforted me.

" Oh, your hand...it's bleeding, let me take you to your mom. She will put bandage." she replied in worried tone, not even looking at her doll.

It was her that love and care that made us best friends. I had the fiery temper, easily getting angry..but she made me calm, considerate. Most of the times we spent together, played together...we made our stories, dreams shared, and she had a strong influence on me. 

I was good in studies too, I liked books, and sports too...a sort of all rounder you can say. It was till I was young, as I got older...my interests changed. That much of my story as kid....now can you proceed with your life in Dehradun? " I asked him, he seemed to be listening to me intently...his eyes which were constantly on me, making me uneasy. He stirred, as if woken from a long sleep and replied,

" Priya, indeed..you do have a nice time as kid, having loving friends, family, Grandparents...I never had a chance to make long lasting friends...Papa's frequent postings made it difficult or may be I hadn't thought about it seriously, I was easy going with most of my friends but never gave it a chance to become stronger. " He sighed.
" I haven't told you me name, have I?"

" No, I couldn't catch your name, what's your name?" I asked, surprised that it never occurred to me to ask his name.

"It's Rahul, I am from Bhubaneswar, a tourist here, same as you," He smiled and continued, 
"Now, comes the part of life I lived in Dehradun...

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