Sunday, July 28, 2013

A mystery guy Part 4

"Now, comes the part of life I lived in Dehradun...

Dehradun would have been the best time I had in my life, from my childhood to early teens. From Movies, to games, music to dance....done it all, experienced them all. And inturn learned many lessons too. School was not much of a worry, as I was always on top in studies mostly because my mom taught me. Even on cold days I had to wake up early at four and even in Razai, with drowsy eyes, I had to study, memorize. Also my hobbies of reading books went on as usual, from my school library. I also started writing poetry too, small, simple but just for fun, which become a full time poetry later. May be because I was inspired by what I read, I also tried my hands in writing stories too, not that I was much successful. 

Playing cricket was our past time in evening in most days. I had friends my classmate Mahesh, he was South India,Chennai to be exact and other one a year senior to me, Satya who was from U.P and that much I knew about them. Mahesh was tall, fair smart, independent nature but was selfish and proud. He was my friend mostly because he was my neighbor but he was just the opposite character of me. He was a bullly too, and we had many fights, where he had the upper hand. I hated him for that too, but I was not the kind to keep anger forever,and the next day we would be friend again.... 

Both Mahesh and Satya have a younger brother. That make us a team during cricket matches. Our's was a group and we had a lot of adventures too, just like you read in stories. A lot of them, that I cannot even describe. Like one where we went to a vatika , flower garden full of roses. It was a nice hang out but our intentions were not that good. We went there to steal the roses hidden from the watchman view. This hide and seek itself was a great fun. 

" Manish, just keep an eye on the watchman while we check the roses, Today I would have the red and the pink ones." Satya asked me.

While I was keeping an eye, Mahesh and Satya plucked the Roses of different colors from the garden. My person favorites were the red one, still the yellow, white, pink, orange ones were also there. Colors, they were so fascinating for us boys. It was like a mission for us.

" Run, the watchman is coming." I warned panicking , while trying to hide behind a tree. 
While Mahesh hide below a small wooden bridge built on the dry canal. Satya followed him. As per their brothers, Deepak and Raju respectively, those kids were nowhere in sight. Too expert in camouflage or may be because they were just kids.

"It's all right, he is gone." Mahesh callled, looking relieved. " we must return home now, it's getting dark, we had enough now, let us hide it inside our shirt. Where's Deepak? "

"Deepak, Raju...come here !!" I shouted. Two kids came running towards us with a wide smile, they too had their catch. 

Deepak was a smaller in height though both are of same age, but both have same character, one that most kid have, Mischievous and fickle minded. And with our trophy of hard work, with all those beautiful roses, we went home, divided it between us, and gifted them to our mom, who in turn put them in the vase. {though with a minor scolding}
Stealing Roses was one of our common adventure along with stealing fruits from other's garden. It was fun. I remember an episode where we stole and hide roses from the watching in a plaster my sister had in her arm {she had broke her arm in one fall while she was playing.

There were other episodes too..a lot to share but it would take a lot of time. You might not be interested to know, 

With it, he looked at me, 

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