Monday, July 15, 2013

A mystery guy Part 2

Now the second part of my novel when the guy starts to tell his story,

"Ok, if you really have time, Listen."

" What I am going to say had lot to do with how I have grown up, circumstances I had been, mistakes I had committed and how, I end up here...
I had been a dreamer from my childhood. The earliest memory I have of my childhood is being seated with my Grandpa in my village, or the dusky evening on the bed playing some games on the streets. The first part of life just have some flashes of memories, like being playing near a helicopter, making mud pies, having some treats of cakes and chocolates..though they are just the fun memories, just to lighten up the moods.

My Father was in Army, a Dentist...and mother a housewife, I have a young sister too, and I have some great time too. Life was easy then, in my childhood, lots of friends, lot of play too, be in school or the playground near our army quarters. The only problem was frequent transfers of my father...which allowed me only to have temporary friends whom I later forgot as I lost in touch with them. Though I remembered all the fun I had with them. 

The best times I remembered to have spent are in Amritsar, Dehradun and little time I spent in Udhampur . 

Coming to Amritsar days, I remember the school days, cycling  every day  to school and exploring the surrounding places while returning back, being  only in 2nd or 3rd standard, everything looked new, and we were so full of innocent curiosities. We had our hangout place for our gang...Near a Banyan tree, where we used to climb the branches, jumping to and fro and swinging on those suspended branches, playing marbles...and returning home to get scolded. 
My sister Sneha was my darling in those days, even being so young I acted as an older brother to protect her from any fights. Once such incident happened when she had a fight with my friend. He punched her and I had a great fight with him.
" How dare you hit my sister" I questioned. 

" Why are you coming in the way' pat came his reply, ' it's our matter "

" She is my sister and anyone dare to touch him will have to face my wrath" I was visibly angry then. He got scared. 

Again another incidence about how I used to deceive my sister into giving her share of treat to me,
" Give me a piece of that chocolate" I requested.

" Why should I give you mine, you had your share " She refused and made faces.

" Give me or else I would put curse on you, " I commanded.

" No, Please don't do that' She was frightened and gave one piece of chocolate  ' have this" 

I have cultivated a habit of reading in Amritsar, one thing that I was proud of. We had a library near our home where I can go and read most children books with pictures in it. That was a great time for hang out, of course alone... not many enjoy reading books except for the comic books. I too read many, Chandamama, Panchatantra were my favorites, then came likes of champak, twinkles though later on. So, Sunday time of mowglee in jungle book, and other cartoons. Kid days were so simple. 

We used to visit many places in holidays, two of the most memorable were the Golden temple and Bagha border. Golden temple from what I recall was a magical place for me then, a temple with golden own, in between a pond. I loved those large fishes and the Turtles there...may be as kids those were my first attraction, also the langars were great. 
Then came the Bagha border, which I had visited with my relatives. the atmosphere was great, just the feel of another country on the other side, then the small marches, shouting, clapping of the visitors from both sides. 

There were lot of such incidences..but these few were my favorites. Those were the carefree days. But things changes as we get older, isn't it? "

I was so immersed in the narrative of this mystery guy of mine, that I forgot he took pause and asked me this question, but soon I realized that after his hand tapping my shoulder. 

" Hello, are you listening? " he asked nervously.

Am I listening ? That would be an understatement, watching his dark eyes, small drops of sweat sliding down his temple, the small curves in his lips showing his changing moods with the change in the scene he was depicting from the memories deep hidden inside. I could imagine a small boy and his adventures, mischief as he spoke.
" Yes, I am listening,' I replied with a smile " things do change, so what happened next?"

"Next, my life in Dehradun but before that I want to know how was your time as a kid ? " 

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