Friday, July 12, 2013

A mystery guy Part 1

Hello friends, just thinking of writing a story for a change... :) 
The story starts with a protagonist being a girl who had gone to a hill station for vacation with college friends. While she was sitting at a garden, she saw a guy, from where her experience begins. 

He looked so absorbed, consumed in thoughts...silent but his eyes were wandering. He looked at me once, just a glimpse but enough to enter inside me, asking questions, leaving me wondering who he was, why was he here? 
I was with my friends, hanging out, exploring the nature, the mountain, it's beauty....We had done our shopping and wanted to relax somewhere. A garden was our choice, sitting, gossiping, having a laugh, everything so normal, but it was going to change soon.......

I saw him standing alone, watching the horizon, or the birds flying immersed in thought. He was tall, more than average, well built, short hairs..wearing a leather jacket, not showy but more like a gentlemen and a  black jeans which was folded back near the ankle,which looked little out of space in his heavy leather shoes. Certainly  he doesn't case about his fashion statement, still he looked nice with his attire. He turned and looked at us, and our eyes met...but it was not for long, he quickly shifted his glance back to the other side which doesn't seemed natural but more of a reactionary. The very act made me took notice of him, my casual observation became my intention. His eyes, deep dark eyes, with an innocent look at his face compelled me to follow him. He didn't stand for long and went outside but not toward the market but toward the mountain viewpoint. For a guy with heavy leather shoes, he walking was pretty brisk, it was difficult to keep up with him. 

My friends were busy in their talks and would be there for an hour or more, so they wouldn't miss me for a while, and this will be over quickly. First I need to see where he is going.

The viewpoint was close to the garden, so I could skip our gathering and comply my impulse for a, I was at the mountain viewpoint, beautiful place but a little crowded, people taking pictures, chatting, enjoying the view of the valley and th mountains.I searched for him in between all those people and there he was, standing, still engrossed in his thoughts. He might have watched me or just it could be my thoughts...but he again was on the move, this time little more farther on the small stone passage. 

Little uncertain about whether to  return back or keep up , I decided the later one. My decision didn't got unrewarded as he stopped after some time, looked up at the sky, then towards the branches of the tree, changing the gaze, going downward near the flowers on the shrub nearby, a hint of a smile...he turned behind but I was alert and I hid behind a tree hoping the trunk would cover me (I was slim anyway)

He turned back, took a deep sigh and crossed the stone fence, besides the pavement and walked toward the cliff. The cliff was more like a group of rock boulders. He went there, climbing on it and standing near the edge, opening his arm to it's full stretch took a deep breath and looked down.

I knew what he was going to do, and I was not going to allow it to happen. I quickly run towards his direction, jumping over the fence and reached near him in an instant. I pulled him back, shouting at him..

" What are you thinking, why are you doing this... ? "

"You? but I was not like that.." he stumbled as if startled by my presence.

" I know what it's like, and how it would end could you?? " was my reply,

" You don't understand...." he protested." you are mistaken."

" No I'm not, why are you on the edge, what were you going to do..If you have any problem, then tell me, I might help you in this. What are you doing here, you don't look like you are from this region" I asked, trying to be calm. 

"I came here as a tourist, but why are you asking this, even you don't seem to be from this place either" retorts back.

I was little taken aback, should I say him that I followed him, just to answer my impulse, a mystery I wanted to know about? 

" I was just strolling around when I saw you, and came here to help you" I tried to evade eye contact.

" No you were not, you were at the garden with your followed me, right. but why? " He looked at me straight in the eyes, the same questioning stare that I first saw in him.

I couldn't lie anymore, but tried to make it easy, I answer,

"I saw you in the garden, your actions were little curious, but I didn't followed you from the garden rather I too went to view point from where I followed you when I say you were going toward the cliff. But why you wanted to die, why commit suicide, weren't you happy with your life ?"

"I didn't wanted to commit suicide, I was here because I ... I... , forget it, it's a long story" I gave a sigh.

Now, something of my interest, a story...something to unravel from this mystery. 

" Tell me, I have enough time for that" was my reply. I wanted him to open up. To know more about this guy who had caused me to take such troubles.

" But...why do you want to know ? " He asked.

" Just tell me..." I ordered.

"Ok, if you really have time, Listen."

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