Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An illusion

Sometimes...I think of you,

hazy, distant, blurry outlines....
far away from the sight,
a figment of my imagination.
stretching my arm to reach,
opening my palm, fingers to touch.....
so elusive , fading in night,
an illusion, yet so real !!

Being there, smiling,
with your tender eyes,
so caring as you look,
taking on my fancy.

I never thought of,
but you have it all,
the looks, charms....
in spirit and soul.

approaching my heart,
filling it with ecstasy..
the joy and gratification,
vanquishing loneliness inside. 

The emptiness.... it kills,
reminding me of your presence,
intoxicating my mind, 
enchanting my thoughts....
speech I watched,
lived in those moments,
pursuing to your lead,
on and on it went.

What do I seek,
a moment of your company,
just an urge, an impulse....
or longing for many,
to capture your attention,
express my intentions,
not to miss my chances,
then regret for my mistake !!

Clearer and sharper,
as I came nearer...
long locks like dark clouds,
with face like shining moon.
a whisper on my ear,
soft and sweet like a song,
fragrance of flowers all around,
putting me in hypnotic trance.

But then all blank,
everything so void,
cold breeze touching my cheek,
waking up in heavy eyes.....
Had I slept, or hallucinated,
an expression of deep desire,
still a beautiful moment it was,
In this lonely cold night !!

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