Sunday, November 28, 2010

I, me and mine...

walking on the road,
alone, in the evening,
bundling out of some thoughts....
touching my mind like a breeze.

just to make rhyme,
or a few clever words,
I tried to assemble,
like joining of many strings.

the things I had ever spoken,
or used it on whole personality,
how much selfish it being wanting...
I, me and mine??

It's what I thought every day,
the wishes and desire built in,
I deserve for more...or more I want,
looking up around the lavish life.

envy, jealousy or pure greed,
but it could be innocent curiosity,
still it all come back to me,
as I walk on the road, thinking.

may be its not only me,
it's the introspection of many,
such is the awareness in inequality,
that not one is left untouched within.

abstract thoughts, it may be,
or it's just my selfishness,
what wrong did I make thinking....
I, me and mine??


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

you seem to think a lot. Rather, you are given to introspection. Thats nice, I try it sometimes, and sometimes, it helps.

Arianne Carla said...

I like your way of writing and so I'm suuuper following. I am Brazilian. Goes there on my blog? (:

gauravbrills said...

nice poetic...ur words and thinking is quite inquisitive