Saturday, April 6, 2013

my boat and me

Standing on the edge,
I watched the water,
still, sparkling in the sunlight,
a boat it is,
sailing with the wind,
slow and steady, as it goes....

I had made my way,
faced lot of turbulence,
difficulties to be least,
but there were good times,
things being plenty,
time for merry..

I had company,
different boats big or small,
each one on it's own,
meet for a while,
spend some moments as friends,
then off to their destination.

So, it's a long journey, 
and lot of things to do,
situations to be faced,
beginning had been good,
focused on the second part,
and here I am standing, on my route...

It's been a while,
and I haven't noticed,
everything being silent, motionless..
temporary setbacks it seems,
but everything stopped for me,
boat being on standstill,

No direction, no wind,
as I searched for a hint,
felt so lonely in the sea.....
I searched for someone,
a companion for my journey,
to face these dull times!!

My boat is perfect,
so are the sails,
still there are things I missed,
difficult times that enforced,
worries and the craving,
Hope for a way out !!

In the faith I found strength,
my courage to take me away,
someone will come, take my sides,
I will move again, 
just a opportunity is all I need,
to reach my destination.

My boat and me,
a long way to go,
apprehensions, anxiety will come,
but optimism is with me,
the journey is all I have,
new things to discover, to know :) :)


Sapan Saxena said...

This poem is so good!!!!!
Why dont you try for a book of poetry? You write so well!!

mk said...

thnks sapan,
right now, it's just a hobby for blogs ,never thought of writing books.