Sunday, April 21, 2013

Things that I planned.

Things that I planned,

the dreams, the desires,
or just the sustenance,
of a good life.....
some adventure and fun,
or a stability of home...
to step up the ladder,
or strong base at ground.

it may be material security,

works to complete,
new ventures to start,
or celebrating small moments,
with family and friends,
to feel the joy of same.

it could be my profession,

places to visit,
to work in peace,
or getting the leaves,
as much I please,
still strike a balance in both.

it could be an opportunity,

competition faced from many,
to succeed or left behind,
not being broken down, 
not discouraged in adversary,
keep on fighting till the end. 

Things that I planned,

may not have worked out,
new things that being born,
after being fallen from old one...
some hopes, expectations,
or coping with things on hand,
an optimism, believe in oneself,
and stand up to face them all.


Sapan Saxena said...

there is a lot of optimism and light in this creation of yours... I hope reading it early on a Monday morning instills some hope in myself

mk said...

thnks sapan...optimism is the only thing that keep us going :)