Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just walk on

Hello friends,

I haven't wrote for a while...mostly confining myself in poetry here. But then, it was the only way  I saw my blog, to convey emotions, wishes, desires, frustration, hopes, thoughts being philosophical or spiritual..anything that came out in rhythm..

These few days had been a little hectic for me, from the 4 months of oblivion, of laziness and relaxation...the wait of a result and finally posted in a village as a doctor while waiting for the result...the travel of 100 kms, tiring as it is, exhausts one mind to write something creative or imaginative. 

Life doesn't behave in the way we want it..but if the hard work is there or true dedication with oneself..any obstruction can be pushed aside to reach one goal.We heard it every time and follow the same in our moment of uncertainty and struggle. As per daily life, we can't find much thrill or changes that we seek, but then, there is always another day...never to lose hope is all I have learned these days. :)

just a few lines in the tradition of my blog....

Never to loose hope,
it's life you see,
new things, new possibility,
old ones seeks something new.

Just move ahead,
continue on your path,
who knows what lays ahead,
opportunities to discover !!

It may be long,
or just by your side,
few troubles,
or some struggling type.

time to decide,
choose your destiny,
or just to enjoy,
the moments on the way,

feet on the road,
tireless, as you go,
no worries, no haste,
learn as long as you last...

looking forward,
you lead the way,
or follow the examples,
to reach the ray.

Just walk on...


Sapan Saxena said...

And once again, I would strongly suggest you to try out for publishing your poems. Simple sounding they may be, they always touch a chord.

Regarding the post, I think all of us have a secret desire in ourselves to achieve something. We all want to be in total control of our lives, our ambitions, but thats not what our destiny plans for us.

Never to lose hope is a concept easier said than done, but now that you have learned it, rather earned it, I must complement you!! I am still trying to learn it the hard way

mk said...

@sapan--> we all learn it in hard way..only few are born with silver spoon, rest have to make their own destiny.

our desires will never end but we should always be hopeful...

thnks :)