Sunday, May 19, 2013

I am tired

I am tired..
of over expectation,
hope and despair,
of dreams and desires,
reality being so hard.

I am tired,
of being sincere,
be genuine to the cause,
suppress the impulses,
of some attractive thoughts.

I am tired,
of results that doesn't come,
of calculations that goes wrong,
the planning that never works,
in the practical purpose.

I am tired,
of my weaknesses,
fear of loneliness,
of failures and disappointment,
bringing with it....the pain.

I am tired,
of all the distress,
in this pursuit to happiness,
the insecurities of mind,
instabilities in this life game.

I am tired,
yes, I really am.
of all this optimism,
of anger deep within,
the outlet of frustration.

Tired, I may be,
but that won't stop me,
choices being so many,
will fight back to mainstream...
to bring myself the track !! 

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