Saturday, May 25, 2013


the way out,
escape from all...
hidden, no more,

eyes closed,
mind wandering,
hallucinations, illusions....
interpretations no more...

no bondage,
responsibility to ask for,
desires, dreams....
delusions no more,

no worries,
works to act on,
restrictions, limitations.....
stopping no more,

walk out,
no running as I stand,
eyes close, relaxed....
alertness no more,

inattentive.. being unsure,
the surrounding that sparkles
blurring , dazzling....
focused no more,

all around me,
feelings, emotions....
hurting no more,

the chains around me,
constrains , engagements..
fears no more,

dance to the music,
the sound within me,
gratification, satisfaction....
depressed no more.

I am me,
I am free,
trance it is,
for and us all .

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