Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am the one...

I am invisible, I am alone,
there's no one, care for some,
its not my day, nor my time..
no one will know when I'm gone..
it me, only me all I see..
not a single guy I wanna be,
or be someone I should become,
no fame or money is coming to me!!...

but its not all ever decide..
you are not half bad, its not your side,
just come one ...face the world,
its just too small for you to hide.....
look around you, a storm is there,
the hurt n emotion are going to bare,
be a new man..get some air,
fight for you..nature no fair!

I know what I want,
they are not me n I'm not them,
be different is not a shame,
it my life..I have no one to blame,
gotta play it out...its MY GAME!
don't be some will be not me..
I'm not a film star or a rock star gotta be,
but the people will know one..
their desire to love me!!

not so weak, I got to be strong,
this is the moment, I waited for long,
that's why I'm here, singing the song,
because this is where, I do belong.
I know its going to be right,
never loose your way out of sight,
take the prize, let the enemy bite,
take on with your your might!!

Its all my world,
and the life I want to live,
no one can stop me,
It's my believe,
for I am the one.

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