Monday, June 1, 2009

I am missing u!!

Don't know when do we met,
or the time we had ever date,
I had been with you here,
and its that what my life meant for!!

don't know when we did fight,
nor the time you made my life bright,
I had spent some good years,
and that what I ever wanted for!!

yes, that's all I ever remember,
barring that my life a deep slumber,
you are what I ever dreamed of,
and its all I had a desire for!!

the different life we do belong,
but it don't stop us from going along,
yes!! and that's what make me proud,
to get a friend which I always loved for!!

but are gone,
and gone were your presence,
and its what make my heart bleed,
and ohh dear...I am missing you.

missing the moments we been together,
missing the things we had done,
and missing and the memories I had,
the serenity in life I had before!!

why you left me, whats the reason,
it had never being in my vision,
living my days in lament..
couldn't even say ...I am missing you!!

time heals is all they say,
don't even know what am I facing,
didn't know why the faith was so hard,
what crime had I done!!

time will change the things,
but memories of you never fades,
you will ever be in my heart...
so am I here, just to say.....I am missing you!!

(PS : is kavita ki saare paatr kalpanic hai..kripiya kar ise mujhse milakar sochne ki abasyakta nahi hai....I don't want this to happen to me lament a friend loss)

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