Thursday, June 25, 2009


It was evening and the sunset was near and we were still in that dark magic path, walking down the lane, waiting to step our foot on the valley of spirit or death, as those local says. Its a defensive plot for the Devil to protect its castle and it falls on a deep forest, so no poacher or government officials tries to enter that dead zone. But we had to cross it to reach the villages, better be sooner as Kruraka's force will take control of them.

Finally we reached the end of the path, it was early evening and darkness was setting in, a time you would never wanted to enter the valley!! but we had the army of pure ones..the monkey men. We single out a place to sit and relax...some went to get the knowledge about the areas and dangers of the place as I with Swiktiri and uncle sat under a tree. My eyes were searching for our leader, Angara...he was sitting with two of his friends, one of them was tough built like a wrestler and a bit darker..his name was Bhira and one looking smart, light skinned and charming..he was Surya. Both were best friend of Angara. We were just chatting as I got conscious of something is going on, something bad as I saw all the people were sitting straight and alert looking to western side. Before I could understand anything, there was a army of bats and rodents came rushing towards us...there were lots of them and there's a sense of darkness in them, as they coming near us...something very bright light fall on us from behind, as the light touched the bats and rodents, they burned up as if some black ash. We looked behind us to see a golden 'Gada' in the hand of Angara, his eyes closed and there's a glow around him. I couldn't take my eyes from him, but slowly light got dimmer as I got conscious of my place. Angara was smiling as he looked at us and said " its a power given to me by my guru, don't worry I know some magic myself ", and he returned to his place.

It's some hour gone as I woke to see our people were ready to go, I hurried to pack my stuffs, Gun on my side, I was ready to tackle new challenges. We hadn't much problem covering the valley though I must confess the location and the surrounding do bring some shivers in my spine...there were echoing of fearful voices, dreadful hallucination in the mist but we were unite and other problems were solved by the forward squad of army (or I could say so), and it took few hours to reach the nearest village outskirt (better be a tribal colony), we got washed up at a pond nearby, had some rest. One thing was troubling me as I searched for any visible living being...the place was unusually quite.
Angara divided us in three groups..." Surya will take half of army to search for people here, Bhira would go in front of us with other half of our brothers, and Daksha, you with uncle and Sikriti, would come with me behind them. We would meet at the end of the route." was his exact words.

As we went in our way, we could see the damage being done on the village. we reached the middle of village to see some wounded people being laying on the ground. We gave them some water and medicine.
" go away, you will die, they are coming...killing us, " one dying villager said as he fall down never to be awaken.
" what's happening here, who were coming??" I was asking puzzled but no reply came. I was going to leave the body but suddenly the body held my hand tightly (it was dead for sure) ...his eyes, Gosh...they were burning red and his hand was trying to hurt me. In a flash I got hold of my gun, and fired at him indiscriminately. There was blood all over me, as I successfully freed myself from his clutch. The guy was becoming a zombie of sort!!
" step aside, move away from them,' Angara ordered his men helping the wounded ' they were under spell, they could hurt you...they injuries are fresh..culprit is not far....lets pursue him!"
Bhira and his men jumped on the trees and swing away towards the opposite side...we followed them. After a while, we could see, they had encircled a man in black coat...couldn't see his face, I had my gun close to me...that man in black coat suddenly made a swift movement and there were two big moving rock structures standing against us!!..
I fired bullets on them, while others tried there hand...Angara was fight with that man, must be one of those dark priests...They were fighting in magic spells and different kind of changes in environment were if some type of light shows. My sister was with uncle and uncle had his sword in his hand. The Dark priest was very cunning and was protected from Angara...I got a idea, I was a good shooter and aimed at his hand holding a magic wood with a crystal ball on it. The magic wood slipped from his hand, fallen on ground and crustal broken...the rock structure turned into dust and the priest was now venerable to us. Angara easily captured him.
" who are you and what have you done with the villagers...where is Kruraka?" Angara asked but he just smiled and said..
" You can never stop our great king, this time he will conquer the world...think of saving your life now from these villagers..ha ha ha..long live the king!!!" and he turned into black dust!
" what does it mean..from villagers?" we looked behind to see large number of zombie villagers were coming towards us..they had weapons, and they were angry....we took our with gun.,Swikriti and uncle at centre...
" beware of there nails, and teeth, they had can turn like them!! we will protect you..there poison is ineffective against us."Bhira said.
It was a fierce war...there was another thing I didn't know about these monkey man...if angered, they could change fully into monkeys..with big nails and a animal!!..they were killing the villagers mercilessly...but there were lots of them, even my bullets were nothing for them. We had our back up soon, Surya and his men come from behind and joined the party. It was pretty easier then.

And tired, wounded, the war was finished at last..all of these zombie villagers dead...we moved in our direction...there was now only one village to cross and I know its not much easier for us. God knows what more danger awaits us!.

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