Saturday, June 6, 2009


Another racism attack on human being. People are just fighting within themselves and need new ways to do so.
Just take the case of recent spree of racism attack on citizens of India. Nine of our students have been attacked in this month.Isn't a alarming bell to our administrators??. Its been on news for so many days and the leaders just doing the consoling, sympathising act. Both Australian and Indian Govt. is trying to wash their hand of it. India as a country, run by old leaders and I hadn't seen any forceful action or dictum by the Ministers here!!!

The thing is simple...Australia has to carry on its education sector which thrive on these foreign students(it includes all Indians, Chinese, other Asians) and so the police is using terms like attacks are just some incidence for loots, or say drinking case....but the point is how come only Indians are getting hurt by this and some being grievously hurt and what more..there is increase tendency of these kangaroos of being in violent mood. What is more intriguing is that more teenagers are involved...doesn't it raise doubt of there upbringing, or their growing competition with brilliant students of Asia...(India in concern)

And to see the reaction of the police of their country make my heart feel pain as they just blaming the Indian students for their fate. " Indian students are peaceful and silent type that's why the are the easy target". So what they want??...Should our student start beating their people, act like criminals, ...huh then these will be the police who will arrest our student first in case of terrorism!!...Then for us it will be two way danger!!
They should be happy that our students are not in any of such activities...we Indians are raised well..we don't have such violent streak as their teenagers have now!! They have to stop such hate campaign against Indian students or else both the country will suffer...

We just can't forget these incidences by condemning the god damn act and silencing the agitated students. The Govt. of India should put pressure on any country where our students are mistreated. Its our responsibility to protect them..let the Australian know that if we feel something is seriously wrong here then it will adversely affect their economy too. Then only its police and government get going. Our leaders should take the incentive for protecting our people. So, I just wish that our leaders be listening to cry of the family of the affected students and acting on this soon before situation goes out of hand.

Hope the leaders of both the country would heed to our advice and act soon!!...for know just watch the News and see if any new incidence had happened or not!! God save our students from the evils of these hate teenagers of the Australia!!.

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