Saturday, May 30, 2009

One within me!!

I have seen all,
the qualm of a lonely time,
the scuffle of the lavish life,
the fuss of a glorifying strife.

not to forget vice,
the selfish, ego, greed,
the desire of the world,
love,lust, money,fame,
or the ambitions of mine.

I don't say never dream,
but not to fulfill your life within,
and as I tread on the path,
forgetting everything I love,
ripping my dearer past.....I went ahead.

the elusive it was,
but I was relentless and hungry,
got the money, and the fame,
the tryst with many interest,
and being known to all..authoritative I became.

But why I am not happy..ohh me,
is it all I ever wanted,
why it not fulfill my inner satiety,
what is that I really wanted?
I couldn't explicate it at all!!

days became grim, night a tussle,
as I reminisce my past,
I garnered the remaining strength,
ready to put my strides on a new path,
a path...which will take me to my destiny.

so begin my see a new world,
the sunset on distant looked new, twinging me,
a gust of wind touches I gazed,
the withered leaves falling from tree,
or the chirruping of winged different.

I travelled through mountains,
walked through the golden beach,
meditated in the temples and prayed,
also tried in music places...modern or classic,
alas I couldn't find the peace .....I was looking.

tired and dejected..finally I returned,
sitting on my chair on the veranda,
hoping for a miracle....analyse my journey,
the places I travelled..the thing I got to know,
and then it came...a realisation in me.

yes!! was all I wanted for,
the serenity of my mind,
it brought me solace as I saw,
the peace was within me..
then why I was looking around..

so I had seen all,
the things that are intriguing,
the propensity of the life,
looking for place with solace and tranquil,
but at last I found One within me!!!

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