Monday, May 4, 2009


well friends,

Its just my small holiday this summer ( u can say so, but actually I had this 1 month parole for preparation of my 3rd MB guess what it means!!)
so, I can't go for a long tour, holidays and had to study at home. Forget family tours, even my friends are busy in their own friends are so far away and college ones not to be seen. In other words, life is just stuck in home...only TVs and Movies. Its just not happening for us guys..though "IPL" brings some respite to my bored life here!!

'Studies' are the only thing you never want to do, when at home. How hard you try to make some schedule or try to force yourself. My brain just says a strict no-no for this numb event. No way!! it says after such a gruelling straining to my mind for these semesters. But had to take this repulsive activity to my routine anyway (no one wants bad grade in exam, after all competition is something)
As my days are going by with no purpose and life in idle, I cannot think of any new thing to try and do. Movies do are a great pass time but life becoming so monotonous, it do make me think deep to my soul.

Its my college days and still I don't have much fun...not even in these gaps between exams ( I prefer calling my holidays as gap between exam as it's always so for us medical students) studies are the only alternatives but my heart goes for a good travelling life. I know its not possible for me right now and not so after my college, because preparation be our only aim for PGs, but still I prefers much outing. After all I am also a human being and I too love some peace of mind (here I mean away for books), that's not much to ask for.

Hmm, so that's all I could say for now as I am really feeling bored at home. Sometimes you miss your college not for studies but for fun and all the happenings. Is it not a contrast that when you are in college, you just want to be home and the opposite if at home. Its all because you missed you loved ones, or fun, pleasure for someones company or may be just for a change. You just can't make out whats the real cause. May be its just being in our human nature or we really want to enjoy every part of our life. Can't say!!

Thus after having such thoughts, I just wanted to do something that I enjoy or at least take part in some activities, try some hobby or so.It really brightened my face and I made some list to do laziness take the toll and I couldn't think much of it.

I am sitting here in my home, writing this blog just to pass my time...may be to convey my feelings and thinking at the same time......


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