Saturday, May 9, 2009


you feel weak with struggle you make,
life is not for you a piece of cake,
but you fight though you soul,
you want to reach, get your goal,
its not easy and the spine on way,
these are going to be your difficult day,
don't listen to all whatever they say,
just move on, hard work gonna pay!!

its just some work to be done,
man don't fear, make your run,
not a game but its some fun,
you got guts second to none,
why fear then...just common!!

life gonna give what you desire,
don't loose sight, just take,
its all you ever wanted,
not a ocean, may be a lake,
its not over for you,
more on your path to bake,
just move on, move on your way,
best is for is fake.

the beauty of the world is for you,
the fame of life is just for you,
the flowers on path is only for you,
satisfy you desire, its all for you...
the best is for is fake.

you will get your wish,
you will find your mind peace,
its your hard work, life get bliss,
don't worry because it true,
best is for is fake.

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