Friday, May 1, 2009

my broken wings..

I am happy, I am free,
like a lone leaf on a tree,
its so great or moment here,
being a guy in drunken spree.
yes I jumped and overjoyed,
and yet be there to be said,
but not to worry for this,
I had my broken wings.

wings that I, sometimes aspire to try,
move beyond this world, to far sky,
no one could catch then, so high I fly,
and these trying days..I say goodbye.
but it was not be like this,
and dreams be there to get hurt,
I had my share of the pain too..
but now do I care of this broken wings.

so look around and see with your eyes,
here I go...I am saying no lies,
I had my will and gonna have the way,
don't care if I won or just dies.
sooner or later,it will happen,
and I could have my piece of pie,
its not a joke, I'm not gonna shy,
laugh it out, for my broken wings.

friends or foes, I have no hatred,
I am not perfect, may be wrong,
but its my life, it's my song,
gotta sing it alone, where I belong.
look there, that's my destiny,
and I am going to be there soon,
its just matter of thought of mind,
or just brood to broken wings.

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