Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mysteries of past!!

It starts as a dream or be in real,
as I searched for the answer,
travelled through the pasts of India,
with the hidden meaning of texts,
to know the secret being sealed,
in the mysteries of Sanskrit, of Vedas.

no language so perfect, no delightful,
as I enter deep in the words,
moving more nearer, more closer,
with the truth to be discovered,
to reach my destiny being covered,
in this darkness filled world of life.

gone the teaching of love, hate,
every emotions ever present,
the teachings and thoughts of other culture,
martial arts, weaponry, meditation,
I moved beyond this, beyond the masters,
here I am everything, be the start or end.

yes!! from the forgotten past of rishi munies,
saints of those forbidden lands ever born,
from the magic and mysteries of world ever present,
power, thoughts, knowledge ever acquired,
I spooned gold out of these mines,
from the hints of secrets to be unveiled.

I reached as far I could, to the gates,
gates of the path of another dimension,
the path to immortality, of mind of souls,
leaving behind this mortal earth,
every science, math, histories ever known,
I cleared all doubts, guilt's of my conscience.

It was so unbelievable to be true,
coming from the pure culture,
the knowledge our ancestors ever found,
getting in me lighting me up,
all darkness fading away,
as I reached the twilight zone and then..
waken from my deep slumber of imagination,
was it dream or some pressure on my brain??

So, broken were my dream,
gone were those gates of destiny,
feeling the loss in my heart,
I brood through the day time,
was it a fragment of imagination, a fairytale...
or a call from past world..signals of reality!!!

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