Saturday, October 24, 2009

I don't care

Hello friends,
just tried to write something different...hope you like it!!

I don't care,
nor do I want...
why are you here,
if not so sincere??
Got my own work,
lonely I better be...
I can do better,
away from your concern!!

Hate you..NO!!
just minding my business,
Can't stand your talk more..
just wanting my time alone.
far I would go...
better I would be,
just me and myself besides me,
who needs you in my life?? inside me heart,
not an ocean can drench it..
Hatred it's not or may be,
or just irritable my mind be!!
no remorse, no guilt do I feel,
more and more weaker I may be,
had I done right is the question,
just needed some time to be asked!!

Now the moment, now being calm,
just recalling the past things...
on the wrong path was I,
or just forced by the circumstances,
but far I did go,
from a point of no return..
time gone can't be forgiven,
mistakes being done at the high.....

looking back in life..just I see,
making up a decision in a hurry,
if ever I had the patience,
if ever I had the understand,
I don't care??

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