Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali!!

Don't stop me when I fires..
the crackers, the bombs,
not that we always get it,
nor we wanted it more.

festival of light..
its what they say..
time to relax..
time of fun..hey?
at night you see..
the feel,the difference,
the up,
and sweets on tray!!

But I differ, not light,
the charm is of crackers,
the sounds, the fire thrills,
but beware it kills!!
not now, not here...
just watch it everywhere!!
the gas, pollution,
the loudness that hurts.

Its a festival friends..
not like any other day,
why listen to them..
its they who always cry!!
but we too are sensible,
know our we care,
so don't stop me when I fires,
for the time will not come for a year!..
its for us..happy Diwali !!


Vinayak said...

great poem and HAPPY DIWALI

Dan* said...

nice... happy diwali bro :-)