Sunday, October 25, 2009

to be known!!

to be known...
to belong,
how I wish,
to be someone!!
being in the crowd,
watching those empty looks,
the future, the past,
a mad rush not to last!!

why am I here,
so many of us,
all so different yet so same,
choices so many, hope so more!!
am I right to think?
or to just move away,
tell me just once,
which way my path being!!

When I know them,
learn so in experience,
will I realise the meaning,
or abstract thoughts its been!!
I have still time,
but way too little,
for I am just enjoying,
what I never meant to be!!

may be or mayn't be...
I know I can't answer,
nor anyone for sure,
can tread on the issue!!
still I have faith, the hope,
the dreams and aspirations,
walk as I go..looking for signs,
might get it or mightn't...does it matter??

being so alone in the crowd,
yet a part of society..the human being,
I think, I aspire..try to fulfill my desire,
may be I reach or may get invisible,
Till then be my wish...
to be known!!


Priya said...

thats something really good.. keep it up...will visit again...

Anonymous said...

I am visited your blog again and find your poems really interesting..
keeeep writing.....

Anonymous said...

that really is the question isn't it..

which way do i belong to...
why do i keep getting lost...
why is there so much frenzy about...
what i reap as benefit, is it worth the cost...

ahh! ur poem inspired me to write! good goin.. keep writing