Friday, October 2, 2009

A poetic story

Hello friends...

guess if I had to make a story of a gal being with his boyfriend for some mistake..something big off course..So, what could be their poetic conversation ...lemme try this thing for me so I will be happy of your reaction in it!!

It's guy's pleading to her girlfriend :-

"I am sorry, ohh me..
the mistakes I had done..
I confess all wrongs..
girl don't leave me..
being so deserted...all I feel!!."

"I know you will not forgive..
nor these flowers or cards..
clock swings, heart twinges..
waiting over as you flings,
ohh baby, why are you angry..
why are you moving away.."

It's her reply :-

"I believed you blindly..
didn't doubted your intentions,
even if you were far,
being so popular at bar,
all the gals around you!!"

"waited for you on dates..
never asked a question for delay..
each time you lied..yet I had faith..
today no more..not any more!!
I loved you but it's goodbye!"

Guy panicked for he had discovered the true love...

"I know I was wrong,
taking you for granted is all I do,
but I am ashamed..guilty now..
another chance is all I wish now!!.."

"I will not disappoint you,
faithful is the least I could do,
I am genuine, I am true...
I love me...just don't go!!"

Gal had made her mind..and he deserved the fate!!

"I would savour the moment with you.
remember the days I lived,
maybe I would miss you some days,
yet I will not forgive ...
it's your fault that I had to leave!!"

So, The moral of the story is...never hurt those who loves you!!...
{another one is..don't double cross..Be happy with one girlfriend ....correct yourself before it gets late..OR....make sure they don't catch you..ha ha}

How's this poetic story??


AMD said...

nicely written... n a good message to spread...

Vinayak said...

great man
keep goin