Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enjoying my saturday!!

hello friends.. was a hectic week for me in, I was really looking forward to take some relaxing time out for Saturday...but it turned out exactly to be the opposite..I had some plans but it turned out that my family had a different visit 'Kapilash Temple'...Temple of lord Shiva, near our hometown Dhenkanal..but 100 km from where I stay!!...They had planned it for my sister and her animation group friend circle (she is a animator) but latter joined me.

I had some protest but had to turn in on the prospect of visiting the place with my friends..So, two of my friends made our plan visit separately the place yet join with my parents, my sister's group there. We missed the train so, took the bus to Dhenkanal....(could say it was far from comfortable!)..the bus was just packed with people..( thus hate to go in bus)..The plan was that, they would go in Bolero and we will follow them in bike from Dhenkanal..

Could describe a full page on our suffering inside the bus but that would be too long and you must be familiar with the conditions!!..So, lets start our journey from with 2 of friends on my bike...( Now you will ask why 3 person on bike..surely no one would have wanted to be single out inside Bolero while other 2 on bike)..The temple was on the top of a mountain..The road are steeper, rough somewhere and moving uphill and that's what the tiredest part and funniest part of our journey..we stayed on some part ..clicked some a token of memory for us...At last we reached the top..They say there were more than 1500 steps ( large steps) from base of mountain to the top..yet as there was road for us..we had only to cover 50 steps..but tiring steps these were!!..there were lots of Monkeys..Indian rhesus monkeys mostly..
After our prayers and some sight seeing we went downhill..just at the base was Dhatatreya Sai
Ram ashram..we had some relaxing time there..After that we went for visiting..famous Dhenkanal Lakshmi puja there...We had to hurry as time was running fast and My friends needed to return that same night to Bhubaneswar.

Dhenkanal Laksmi puja was famous as whole city had been lighted for the occasion and there were more than 50 puja pandals to was like giant will get tired but still find a lot more pandal to see!! everywhere!!.. We had with my friends and with family,..lots of food, fun and walking..My friends returned to Bhubaneswar, though I wanted to go..I stopped to sleep in our village..anyway, my family was here. At morning Today I had returned...

So, what o you think...Isn't the opposite of what I wanted to do with my Saturday..yet it was fun!!


Anonymous said...

I think you have got a gr8 experience. life is not always as it as we want to be..
check mine

Sorcerer said...

hey!! thanks for the great read.
enjoyed readin it