Sunday, May 6, 2012

An evil mind

An evil mind
fear inside,
or the hidden desires,
on the wrong side.
to be empty handed,
and lots of free time,
a little less accountability,
and too much ego on ride!!

An evil mind,
with no conscience,
with thousands of lies,
making up the whole life.
no trust nor fate,
will ever make a change,
as it spreads in society,
brings a lot of strife!!

An evil mind,
will it ever contained?
making the task easier,
not easier to be tamed.
Its tempting, 
an ideology of it's own,
slowly nibbling out the character,
not giving much time to blame!!

An evil mind,
bringing all the sins,
selfishness, power, lust and many,
taking on the toll.
stealing the precious moments,
blinding as it grows,
presenting great pleasures,
as you sink further into the hole!!

An evil mind,
needs just a moment to score,
a little trouble, a weak heart,
or just an opportunity to kill.
not that we can't fight,
a little courage it just needs,
A step inside and another,
controlling it with one's own will!!

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