Monday, May 21, 2012

Something more..

An usual day,
same old routine,
living with a dull life,
nor much joy inside.
And I hoped for better,
waiting for a change......
until...I saw you!

As a morning came,
being so charming ,
with some magic in it,
as I kept looking at you.
Was it just for a moment,
or for days, I wasn't sure,
but a new change....that I wished for.

meeting of eyes,
or mere infatuation,
a little smile,
and some mischievous  looks.
You being so sweet,
making flutters in my heart,
just to realize...I like you!!

Making my first move,
just to say hi,
but seated at the seat,
I was so shy.
Talking to your friend,
exchanging some quick glance,
but I hesitated to return the same.....

So, it was usual,
I was so naive,
but with some courage,
tried my chance.
Just a friend, it may work,
still I could have my luck,
just to realize.....we were something more!!

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