Monday, June 4, 2012

True friends

We are friends,
I know we are,
we talk, meet, smile,
add in social network.
just a little chat,
Hi, hello...hows you?
with a little interest,
busy in our own routine!!

Just to say congrats,
with some happy news...
or a little sorry,
for something that going wrong!!
we exchange note,
plan visits for vacation,
we party, have fun...
or just tease someone.

But when asked meaning,
we hesitate...
think for some time,
just to describe!!
May be some from heart,
but most were just talks,
because not all were having,
a true friend.

A true friend,
that one wants,
to care, to support,
or speak out the heart.
everyone desires,
most ignores the thought,
but still is there...
small pains in heart?

are we ready,
just to explore,
and open up,
be there for someone...
for that true friend,
that we want,
we need to be one...
that they want!!

May be its all illusion,
as we may not see...
the life is full of them,
and we are blind.
May be a true friend,
is there by your side...
you just need to look out,
and its not difficult to find!!

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