Tuesday, March 20, 2012

People tend to say

People tend to say,
"you need to do this,
listen to our advice,
follow what's right,
just don't shy away"....

We know it sometimes,
ignore all the rest,
choose after thinking twice,
putting our character to test!!

People tend to say,
"have right companions,
they have good influence,
take the safe route,
just be a nice guy"....

We understand it well,
know what they mean,
but no one can stop us,
from trying out new things!!

People tend to say,
"get knowledge from books,
be responsible to society,
work and help others,
earn bread for home"...

We want it in our way,
get everything for ourselves,
do we care of the route,
if the rewards are of high stakes??

People tend to say,
"be spiritual, respect all,
high morals is all you need,
a gentlemen and friendly,
a mighty tree from a small seed!!

We have our thoughts,
our ideology to work,
there's time, we are young,
lot more to explore before we are gone!!

People tend to say,
as they have to,
but it's only their point of view....

A different perspective,
a new outlook for the same old thing,
Why would we listen all the time??? :) :)


Viyoma said...

Practical Thoughts in Poetic Way - Unleashing Creativity.

To Preach is one genre, can expect the same genre to be practicing it.
Irony is, we all fall under the same category.

mk said...

thnks...just some moments...some thoughts