Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The unease

The unease... a panic,
a turmoil within,
I am confused, I feared !

Questions coming in,
unsure of my life,
my presence...existence itself.

I asked myself,
reasons, answers,
doubts that encircles.

To know the unknown,
seek the forbidden,
just to explore the infinite.

I am enclosed,
covered by my rules,
ideologies and principles.

But the impulse,
or my inner instincts,
to listen...or to ignore?

family, friends society,
customs and traditions,
to respect and to follow.

But to want change,
inhale some fresh air,
to feel a new breeze.......

To know more,
to understand more,
receive what the world could give.

Am I selfish or being naive,
the struggles and uncertainties,
running away from foundation.

I do seek harmony,
to have a balance,
in every phase of my life....

still with hope,
a faith in unknown.

honest with self...
carry with my feelings,
in light and darkness,
living without regrets !

To be I search,
what new treasure being hidden,
waiting in be unfold.

Should I remain ignorant,
or thrive to know more,
to remain happy with myself,
residing in my small world,
or bring this unease inside,
as I see more.....beyond the horizon.

May be it vanish,
or grow out to something more,
then.....will there be someone,
to calm this troubled mind,
to bring comfort and ease...
in heart and soul !! 

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