Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All or nothing

All or nothing,
I am on a mood swing,
nervous or excited........
expanding my thought's wings,
to do it all,
experiencing everything.....
or remain lazy,
and do nothing !

I was happy,
living in my world,
naive and unsure of things,
to leave or to hold.....
to believe in faith,
in my optimistic way....
reminisce of my past,
hope for the future,
and the present me......
running all the way !!

time flows as moments passes,
never to return back,
hurdles too as I stumble,
brooding for life that I lack ....
love and hatred,
envy or jealous,
desires not being fulfilled....
dreams and wishes,
thoughts or perception,
for things that I really need.

attachment and it's pain,
to detach from the feeling,
all that couldn't happen,
with impulses to do nothing....
greed not to be satisfied,
a thirst that can't be quenched,
but a minimum experience,
the feelings that I want......
of the reality I have,
and make the life worth living !!

All or nothing,
it don't work....
life needs sacrifices,
not everyone have all luck,
or the circumstances favorable....
all the thing that I said,
Nothing is same for all !!  :)

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