Friday, November 14, 2014

Solace in Solitude

A bit alone, aware and awake,
with open eyes and constant gaze,
to watch in silence near and far,

A gentle breeze grazes my cheek,
wind plays with my hair,
and I walk, looking on from afar !

People passes, so does the scenery,
so different, random and disorderly,
the crowd and the place, with so noise,
with no rhythm or regularity.
crossing's so loud,
their laughter, cry and anger,
their love, envy and hatred,
unruly, pulling and pushing away !!

Joining them yet avoiding,
being there but not so....
simply watching, silently,
not with comments or opinion,
detached, within my own world,
in those serene lands,
in my tranquil life....
to find harmony with my soul.

To analyze, to decide,
the world not to blame,
nor temporary change in mood,
not some disorder of mind,
or  influence of words,
governing changes in my heart !!

Attached yet so unattached,
accepted but also endured,
this journey of my path,
build with my choices.....
responsibility of my selection,
opinions as I perceive,
and receiving the outcome,
smiling, with open arms...

So, don't resent,
or get irritated of my actions....
I might be a loner,
sometimes avoids being in group...
not responding to your feelings,
or showing the same emotions,
as I am like this.

Watching from afar,
to the vastness above and beyond,
the clouds in the limitless sky,
with sparkle in my eyes,
excited, fickle minded and childish...
moody and being selfish,
yet sometimes brooding,
serious with hing of melancholy,
sighing, deep in thought.....

I find Solace in Solitude.

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