Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost in the clouds!!

It was a dark night,
not much stars to see,
being tired sitting in room,
I thought to make my mind free.
so there I was outside,
resting on a perch,
a thought come to me,
why not feel the breeze on the roof.

for some silence time,
and with the relaxing mind,
I could rejuvenate myself,
get serenity of some kind.
so I was on my roof,
and came a gust of wind,
touching my cheeking,
allowing me to close my eyes....
it was some moment to cherish,
better enjoy it by lying down?

lying on roof, I opened my eyes,
to search for some stars,
only to see clouds ,
they just hide the scene from me.
upset I was but for a moment,
then came the emotions from inside,
my gaze changes to the clouds,
making out some figure from the tide.

at first it was a cute bunny,
then came a women and a child,
there was a man holding his hand,
and a dragon of a kind.
I saw a king with a crown,
a big bird spreading its wings,
and a lot, I couldn't describe,
its all so clear coming at that time.

hours past as I stared,
bring my creativity to full flow,
it was like a celestial painting,
or the musics in opera show.
its just an artists imagination,
or just comes in dreams of child.
forget and forgive..from what I was......
making me absorbed for some time.

I felt something good,
for it was within me,
then why not take our time,
and have meetings with it,
some will not perceive it,
or others are so ignorant,
to know the solace, the serene nature....
to get some time for being a true creature,
to felt the emotions, what I felt at that time.....
after being..... lost in the clouds!!!

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