Friday, September 25, 2009

School friends

Hello friends..

Puja vacation has come...that means no early rise or running to class, ward and all. Some time to relax at home, watching movies, TV, travelling, meeting friends and hang out...
Though I am not that a social animal and hadn't had much touch with most of my school friends...yet just month ago I met one of my old school buddy and we had a great time...We do chat some time online but that was it..

Yesterday, he planned a get together with few of old schoolmates at evening in Big bazaar..though I was told about it, I didn't expected it to be so soon!...Moreover, My parents were gone for shopping and my sister for her animation class leaving me to watch the house...I was told that someone has an appointment and I have to here till they return.

OK..No problem, I was busy watching some movies and just at six pm, got a call from this friend of mine..Dipti ranjan and Biswa to come to big I was fixed..Had to wait for parents and can't leave house yet my friends may feel bad so I told them to wait and I will come soon as my parents returned..

After half an hour, I learned that my parents can't come as they were stuck due to rain..Also my sister has some extra work so again I am here, my friends are getting impatient!!...
after much thinking I decided to leave the house and give the key to my sister as they she will return within half an hour and then I went to see my friends...I was late but some friends were more slow than me!!...Dipti, the organiser had gone for some work... At seven pm, he returned and looked little worried..we learned that he had gone to bring some from ATM and found that his account balance is nil..someone has taken Rs 80,000/ from the account..It did dampen our spirits but yet we had some fun and talk about old times...really I recalled my school days!

It was fun to see old friends and remember old times ...many of them were earning, one is a lecture, one in business..being in medical college we (me and Biswa) were the only students present!...

So, A time well spent is all I can say!!...(lucky to reach at time though)


Vinayak said...

nice blog
nice post
keep blogging

Alishah said...

excellent post keep it up

Sorcerer said...

well written.
I miss those days..