Tuesday, April 7, 2009


No pain no Gain..
don't hear just think it again,
wait up....hold in your rein,
or jump in..its part of this game.

its just not love or some fun,
and you will find here no pun,
simply life running from my mind,
now just don't make your mind to run...
nor the money not the fame,
I wanna know love is best,
check it out..gonna do test,
until then my soul is in unrest...

jokes apart...lets come out,
its not the beats nor the shout,
and not the logic we are making out,
flat thoughts are all we all doubt....
come up all and take the pain,
it will matter up to make us sane..
its not all hip-hop, feels of heart,
will bring all joy in us in our lane,
or else just sit up here and say......
No pain no gain!!! hey yooooo

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